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Imrsv records™ is really proud to announce this amazing new official selection for The Polymorph Extra short animated movie LEONOR’S LULLABY at the 3rd International Music Film Festival Seeyousound in Turin, Italy. From 430 film submissions, LEONOR’S LULLABY has been selected to be part of the last 40 videos competing for the “NICOLA RONDOLINO” Soundies Best International Music Video for the 3rd International Music Film Festival Seeyousound in Turin, Italy. Curated by Federica Ceppa, the SYS 2017 Videoclip International Competition regroups worldwide famous artist music video productions such as:

  • The Chemical Brothers  “Sometimes I feel so deserted”  (Dir. Ninian Doff),
  • Bastille “Good Grief” (Dir. NYSU),
  • Bonobo “Kerala” (Dir. Bison)
  • Charles X “Can You Do It” (Dir. Quentin Baillieux)
  • Radiohead “Daydreaming” (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
  • Kings of Leon “Waste A Moment” (Dir. Dimitri Basil)

It is a real honor for imrsv records™ that THE POLYMORPH EXTRA short animated movie stands today among all these wonderful artist video works. It proves one more time THE POLYMORPH EXTRA hard and passionated work achievement. LEONOR’S LULLABY will be screened during the International Music Film Festival Seeyousound during the 3 following dates:

imrsv records™ and The Polymorph Extra members would like to warmly thank SYS 2017 jury for selecting LEONOR’S LULLABY and wish good luck to all wonderful artists in competition.    

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