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Little Bit (feat. Tuzeint)

by Tuzeint / Leonardo Susi - The Polymorph Extra

imrsv records™ is proud to share with you today The Polymorph Extra first official digital single release: LITTLE BIT featuring the Mexican singer Tuzeint (aka Enrique Toussaint) who wrote the lyrics of this binaural single.

Composed by Leonardo Susi and The Polymorph Extra music dpt. members, LITTLE BIT introduces an original alternative sound blending electro, rock and cinematic influences together.

Exploring artistic landscapes that aim to communicate with the audience through colors and textures, THE POLYMORPH EXTRA original composition develops aerial and mystical atmospheres with heavy rock guitars and deep bass, solid brass and string orchestration with exotic and complex rhythms.

Glued together by some electro groovy synths flying around the listener heads, this refreshing cinematic binaural cocktail is expanding your imagination through a fantastic musical journey.

In the following imrsv records™ [INFOCUS] short documentary, we invite you to discover what LEONARDO SUSI, Brazilian percussion, drums player and composer, has to say about his POLYMORPH EXTRA involvement.

LITTLE BIT binaural recording credits:

andreas guenther (keyboards – alto & baritone saxophones), astghik poghosyan (lead violin), byron hill (lead keyboard), 曹侃 cao kan (trombone), frederic grenade (electric bass), leonardo susi (drums & percussions), 刘宽 liu kuan (viola), luis coelho (electric guitars), quentin paquignon (soprano & tenor saxophones), 宋梓君 song zi jun (French horn), tuzeint (lead & background vocals), 夏非 xia fei (trumpet), 林言演 yanyan lin (cello).

Produced by Quentin Paquignon  (imrsv records™ – The Polymorph Extra), LITTLE BIT binaural single has been recorded at Sound Hub Studios Shanghai by Benjamin L’Hotellier (imrsv records™- Ker Sound Studios). Then Benjamin brought back the stems at the Shanghai studio he owns with his partner Greg Yu: KER SOUND STUDIOS to operate his magic and sublime the new track with a wonderful stereo hybrinaural and 7.1 surround mixing and mastering work.

LITTLE BIT is the 6th track of The Polymorph Extra upcoming stereo hybrinaural and 7.1 surround immersive album EPISODE #1, which will be released next April 2017 in Shanghai.

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