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It’s been months that imrsv records™ and its partner Ker Sound Studios Shanghai had been testing multiple 3D audio plugins and app to bring ultimate immersive mix to your ears.

Intrigued by KLANG 3D Audio in-ear monitor system, we contacted them and get fast reply from Phil Kamp, KLANG’s head of sales, who quickly put us in contact with KLANG Chinese distributor Allen Xu from HH Audio.

Thanks to Allen kindness and reactivity, we had the great pleasure to test KLANG Fabrik 3D Audio in-ear monitoring directly at Ker Sound Studios during the past few days.

We were really surprised about the clarity of sound, really smart and handy app for each performer to control its own in-ear mix on tablet or smartphones, and all that with a really good 3D audio sound.

We have to say that we may have found the best immersive audio solution to date,  fulfilling our technical needs towards imrsv records™ live or recording performers, as well as sound engineering no-brainer solution to access the immersive audio paradise…

Now the good news it, we may even be able to bring 3D Audio to the audience during live immersive performances with wireless headphone system.

No matter where you will be located in the room, you will be able to listen perfectly imrsv records™ wonderful artists with premium 3D immersive audio experience.

We may be near to deliver to you really soon, years of hard work and dream achievement. One more step reached thanks to KLANG Technologies and HH Audio.

To be continued….

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