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Created by Quentin Paquignon and Benjamin L’Hotellier in 2016, imrsv records™, British record label division of nextdream ent. corp. aims to develop artistic projects through immersive (binaural, ambisonic, 5.1, 7.1) live & recording productions.

quentin paquignon

founder // managing director


From its artistic career as a ballet dancer, saxophone player or painter, Quentin Paquignon developed an insatiable appetite for creation and became naturally a cultural & artistic entrepreneur by founding: 

benjamin l’hôtellier

co-founder // chief recording & mixing engineer

Benjamin L’Hôtellier starts his professional career in 2000 as drummer and quickly becomes involved in the recording studio environment.

Over the last twelve years, he has worked in France and China in various recording studios and audio post production facilities as re-recording mixer, scoring mixer and sound designer on world famous TV shows, feature films, video games, documentaries and albums.

Benjamin L’Hôtellier also regularly participates in multiple projects as sideman and sound engineer for live music recording and mixing.

In December 2009, he cofounded KER SOUND Studios in Shanghai with film music composer Greg Yu.

L’Hôtellier’s work covers the animated feature film “ZhengHe-1405”, the awarded US feature film “Route 30”, several sinoeuropean & sino-US co-productions, 100+ episodes of TV series such as “The Amazing Race”, “MasterChef” and “SuperNanny” as re-recording mixer, live music recording for French TV stations, and numerous TV commercials for which he has been awarded.

In 2016, Benjamin L’Hôtellier and Quentin Paquignon co-founded imrsv records™,  UK record label specialized in immersive music recording productions.